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(usually in that order) #farfetched #hednawden

  • Mom:

    ....you didn't come see me today.

  • Me:

    Oh, sorry. I meant to come by today but I just woke up.

  • Mom:

    Oh, ok. Well I just wanted to let you know that I'm going out of town tomorrow.

  • Me:

    Oh cool. You and some friends going for the weekend or something?

  • Mom:

    Not exactly. I'm getting married.

  • Me:

    *awkward silence* haha, heh hehh....wait what?

Just worked 8 days straight at this new job.

Good thing this job is extremely easy. Or else the lack of sleep and 5 hours of going back and forth to work would have killed me.

Oh yeah. Come chill with me at Blank Space this saturday if your in town.

Beat battle. Me, Mvstermind, King Boom, and a bunch of other guys.

I’ll be somehow pulling a bunch of beats out of thin air that no one has heard yet. Should be fun.